3 Reasons Mums Are the Best!

We don’t mean to alarm anyone but it’s Mother’s Day on the 11th of March here in the UK. Don’t worry if you forgot, it’s nothing a good cup of tea (or NOVELTEA) won’t fix! In the name of celebrating, we’ve compiled a list of reasons we’re grateful for our Mothers, and how we can thank them this Mother’s Day! It doesn’t matter if it’s the Mum of your friendship group, or the person who raised you, here’s all the reasons mums of all kinds are the best!

1). They’re always up for a chat.

It doesn’t matter where or when, they’ll always answer the phone and listen to everything you have to say. No one cares quite like our Mums. If the person you’re thanking this Mother’s Day doubles up as your personal crisis management team, it might be nice to thank her with big catch up over afternoon tea or a coffee shop visit. There’s nothing like some gossip and giggles with your mum over tea and cake!

2). Nothing tastes quite as good as their cooking.

Whether it’s a roast dinner or a big hefty pudding, for some reason, if it wasn’t made by your Mum it just doesn’t taste as good. Heston Blumenthal could slave away over a dish for a week, but if Mum’s Shepherds’ Pie was on offer instead, we just wouldn’t want to know. If your mum is also your personal chef, why not treat her to a home-cooked meal? Let mum put her feet up while you cook up a storm… and inevitably have to call the local takeaway when you make a mess of her kitchen / nearly burn the house down.

3). They still love us even after we’ve made a mess of their kitchen / fallen out with them / forgotten Mother’s Day.

This is by far the best thing about mums! No matter how much of a mess we’ve made, and how silly we’ve been, no one forgives us quicker than our mums. So even if you’re making a last-minute dash to pick up some flowers, or just boiling the kettle to make her a brew in her favourite mug, no one deserves to be pampered quite like our mothers!

Happy Mother’s Day from NOVELTEA!
(And if you’re really stuck for a gift idea, NOVELTEA is always a good choice!)

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