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"Two Germans in British Tweed"

The birth of NOVELTEA can be traced back to the terraces of St. James’ Park (Newcastle United Football Stadium), where our founders Lukas and Vincent first met in 2015. Two Germans studying at Newcastle University, they soon became close friends. When it turned out during a Masters focus group that they’d both, entirely independently, come up with the idea of alcoholic tea, there was only ever going to be one result…. NOVELTEA!

After being awarded a Newcastle University Foundership, Vincent and Lukas began the laborious process of perfecting their first alcoholic teas. And being within spitting distance of Lord Charles Grey’s statue, it was only natural that they started with Earl Grey tea. Almost absurdly English, Earl Grey’s floral and perfumed flavours matched perfectly with another of Britain’s favourite beverages… gin. Having spent more than 6 months, and over 400 brews for each recipe, NOVELTEA launched in Fenwick in April 2017.

The success was so immediate, and the feedback so positive, that we knew we needed to get our alcoholic teas in front of as many tea lovers as possible as quickly as possible!

Taking Tea To The Next Level

Fascinated by different places – their cultures, traditions and tastes – we were drawn to the Brits’ passion for tea and alcohol. Yet, nowhere were the two fused together. A wrong we felt obliged to right!

Wonderfully satisfying and completely unique, NOVELTEA takes only the highest quality tea leaves and spirits from across the globe to produce the finest blends imaginable. It’s traditional tea with a twist.

And whilst we’re thrilled at the recognition our unique alcoholic teas are getting, we’re never satisfied. People across the world are waking up to the potentials of tea with spirit – and we’re more excited than ever about discovering new tea traditions and creating entirely new flavour experiences for the Tea Lovers.