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Cold Brewing

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After a lifetime spent making tea with hot water, you might assume that cold-brewing produces the same end-product, only slower…

But tea leaves are an incredibly complex ingredient, full of subtle yet rich notes that evoke far-off climes and exotic cultures; when developing the perfect alcoholic tea blend, and searching for just the right balance of flavours, it became immediately clear that cold-brewing our tea was the only way to go!

Smoother, sweeter, less bitter

In every bottle of NOVELTEA, the tea is the absolute star of the show. Paired with a specially-selected spirit and a unique blend of botanicals, it was vital that we take the extra time and care needed to extract the purest version of every leaf’s flavour profile.

Although brewing tea with not-quite-boiled (never boiling!) water is a quick, efficient way of making the nation’s favourite drink, the heat itself fundamentally changes the flavours released from the leaves. In particular, the tannins contained in most teas, and released when hot-brewing, add varying levels of bitterness…. if you’ve ever had a cup of tea that’s somehow sucked all the moisture out of your gums, that’s the work of the tannins!
Whilst this bitterness can be tempered somewhat through careful control of water temperature and brewing times, it’s always there, and it’s not until you’ve tasted cold-brewed tea that you really understand what all that hot water is doing.

The longer, gentler cold-brew process slowly reveals all the intricacies of the leaves’ natural taste, resulting in an end-product that’s noticeably smoother, a little bit sweeter, and a whole lot more satisfying!

Health benefits

We chose every step of our process because of our passion for flavours – the fact that cold-brewed tea has a number of health benefits is just an added bonus. With less caffeine, lower acidity and increased antioxidants, there really are no downsides to cold-brewed tea.

A truly unique experience

Our highest-quality loose-leaf teas, together with a range of botanicals (chosen always to enhance, never overpower), are cold-brewed for 8 hours.  The key lies in finding the perfect ratio of tea, botanicals and water – too much or too little of anything and the balance will be thrown completely off. Even then, as with all small-batch artisan products, subtle changes in outside conditions and in the leaves themselves mean that each brewing of NOVELTEA is ever-so-slightly unique. We love that variance, it keeps things interesting, but we also appreciate that you need to know what you’re buying – that’s why our rigorous QA process ensures that every single bottle lives up to its already-fantastic reputation, and delivers exactly the experience you’re expecting.


Join us on our journey

With ingredients from around the world, we believe NOVELTEA’s here to take you on a culinary journey.  Including Chinese Oolong and Scotch Whisky, Moroccan Green Tea with White Rum and almost-English Earl Grey with Gin, these unique alcoholic blends offer up an entirely-new culinary experience.

We hope you can join us for every step!
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