It’s that time of the year again…

Christmas Gift Guide

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You promised you wouldn’t leave things until the last minute this time. No more frantically wrapping presents whilst nervously checking the date of the latest guaranteed postal delivery.

But every time you sit down and try to get your shopping done, you find yourself with the same, age-old dilemma: how do you find gifts that you know your loved ones will enjoy on Christmas morning?!

NOVELTEA’s alcoholic teas offer the perfect solution. Delicious both hot and cold, they combine age-old favourites in an entirely new way, delivering an exciting and surprising twist on a gift that would otherwise be safe but dull!

Perfect for Tea Lovers

A lot of people go crazy for tea. But after hundreds of years of sticking to the classics, we decided it was time for tea to undergo the next major step of its evolution…

NOVELTEA offers the world’s first range of brewed, blended and bottled alcoholic teas – cold-brewed up to 8 hours to get the purest flavour out of the finest tea leaves, each one of our Tales is the result of countless hours of experimentation, balancing a classic tea, the perfect spirit, and a handful of complementary ingredients needed to get that flavour just right.

Whether you choose a classic Earl Grey, an exotic Oolong, or a refreshingly aromatic Moroccan Mint, you can be sure that the tea lover in your life will be deliciously surprised!

Ideal for Gin Enthusiast

Our Tale of Earl Grey combines two quintessentially English drinks – Earl Grey tea, and a London Dry Gin.  It makes the perfect gift for the gin fan in your life – and it’s a whole lot more interesting than yet another bottle of nettle-and-rainbow-infused artisan gin!

Slightly spicy, a little bit floral and with just a hint of citrus, Earl Grey’s delicate flavour is perfectly complemented by our traditional British gin, producing a drink that is both refreshing and full of character.

Crafted for Whisky Aficionados

Whisky drinkers often see themselves as the grown-ups of the spirit world. Why not shake them up a bit with our Tale of Oolong, a deliciously smooth blend of Oolong tea and Scotch Whisky, designed to add something familiar-yet-fascinating to every whisky lover's drinks cabinet.

A true artisan tea, the craftsmanship of Oolong’s semi-oxidation conjures up centuries of experimentation and refinement, resulting in the famous Black Dragon Tea and a complex, aromatic flavour. It pairs perfectly with a sophisticated Scotch Whisky.

Great for Rum Connoisseurs

Drinks don’t get much more refreshing than the classic combination of mint and rum. Our Tale of Moroccan Mint will transport your loved one to the heart of the Sahara. Guided only by the blistering sun, the scent of sweet green mint tea heralds approaching Moroccan markets, evoking the warmth and generosity of Morocco.

Perfectly infused with a Caribbean White Rum, the Tale of Moroccan Mint is guaranteed to put a smile on the face of every true rum devotee.

Gift Packs, Tea Pots and more!

If you’re not sure which sounds the most delicious or are looking for something both unusual and useful, then make sure you check out our ‘Taster Pack’, the fantastic ‘Christmas Delight Box’ or the unique ‘Tea Party Set’ (see picture below). We are 100% confident you’ll find a gift that will be talked about for months to come!

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