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A NOVELTEA with Dagmar Wöhrl

Last year you might have watched Lukas and Vincent rejecting three offers in BBC’s 'Dragons' Den'. This year, they presented their alcoholic teas in the German counterpart 'Cave of Lions' (»Die Höhle der Löwen«). Again our alcoholic teas convinced and this time they closed a deal with businesswoman Dagmar Wöhrl. With the help of a few glasses of NOVELTEA we were able to get some exciting details about the TV show from our founders and 'lioness', Dagmar.
Let's get right to it. Tell us something about the show that most viewers won't be aware of.
Lukas: You want us to disclose some insights? Of course, we have to be careful how far we go, but maybe we can tell you one or two things from 'behind-the-scenes'.
Vincent: For example, we actually spent over one and a half hours in the 'den' as well as in the 'cave' serving NOVELTEA, answering questions, negotiating and fighting for a deal.
Dagmar: The viewer only sees 12-15 minutes of this on television. Naturally, not all dialogues and scenes between founders and investors can be shown. So it remained hidden that I drank almost all three glasses that we had been given. I just loved it!

Dagmar, how did you feel about the performance of Lukas and Vincent?
Dagmar: Pleasant, passionate and confident. Standing in front of the camera and five “lions” is anything but easy. After the initial nervousness had vanished, the boys mastered it brilliantly. They worked really hard for the deal!
Vincent and Lukas, what is it like to see yourself on television?
Vincent: We are very happy that NOVELTEA was so well received by the investors. That's all that matters. To watch yourself on TV, however, is a bit odd.
Lukas: Above all, I am glad that we were able to introduce our alcoholic teas to so many people in Germany.
How do viewers need to imagine the steps after the deal on the show? Will a contract be signed the very next day?
Dagmar: The contract? No. There are many things to clarify first. But on the same evening, we met and aligned the first steps. A few weeks pass before the deal is ready to be signed.
Lukas: At the same time, it offers the opportunity to get to know each other better. This is very important for a long-term relationship.
How is the relationship with Dagmar and her family?
Lukas: Immediately we have been warmly welcomed into the their business and family. Both, her family and their teams are fully committed to NOVELTEA!
Vincent: I can confirm that to the fullest. We are working together very closely.

Dagmar, back to you. You were the only investor making an offer. What convinced you?
Dagmar: The taste! I am a big tea fan, but I also treat myself with a nice drink every now and then. The fact that both are combined, but you still taste the tea as well as the spirit, convinced me.
Is NOVELTEA already part of your drinks cabinet at home? 
Dagmar: Absolutely. Regularly friends and guests are already asking for a glass of NOVELTEA. Also, I think it's great that I can serve my NOVELTEA depending on the season. In summer I had a glass on ice from time to time. Now during the winter, I will probably change to the warmed-up version.

The pitch has been a few months now. What has happened since then?
Lukas: Plenty! We have launched a new webshop and made big steps in retail. Today NOVELTEA is available in shops, supermarkets and hotels all over Germany. We are proud of that. But of course, the real work just starts now.
Dagmar, progress rarely comes without obstacles. What challenges do you expect NOVELTEA to face?
Dagmar: NOVELTEA is an absolute premium product. We use the best tea and high-quality spirits. Therefore our drink has a higher price because we stand for best quality. We need to show the consumer that the quality is definitely worth the price. Therefore, we will run a number of exciting activities for next year in the UK as well as in Germany. 
NOVELTEA has big plans. What does the company's future look like?
Dagmar: NOVELTEA is very well received and we already have a large fan base. We are expanding our sales network almost daily. Next year we will also be further expanding internationally. The international demand is huge.
Vincent: Dagmar's right. We are in good spirits! Our vision: We want to become an integral part of the drinking culture. If that works, NOVELTEA will be the next summer drink and 'winter warmer'.

Thank you for the interview. Cheers!

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