Endless Tales of Surprise

Think you know tea? Think again!

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Over the last couple of years, we’ve handed out literally thousands of samples of our alcoholic teas to curious tea lovers. Their first reaction - without fail - is one of surprise!

“Wow!  That’s…unusual…”
Pretty much everyone!

Because people think they know tea; they think they know iced tea; so it’s only natural they think they know what they’ll get from NOVELTEA. But we haven’t spent years perfecting each recipe only to go and give you what you’re expecting!

NOVELTEA isn’t merely tea with spirit. We haven’t just brewed up a nice cup of Oolong and thrown in a splash of whiskey, or bunged some Moroccan Mint and White Rum together in a bottle and stuck on a label.

Crafted to Surprise

Each of our Tales of Oolong, Earl Grey and Moroccan Mint are the result of endless rounds of brewing, mixing and tasting. Specially-selected tea leaves, cold-brewed to extract the cleanest flavour, are blended not just with a perfectly-paired spirit but with a range of complimentary ingredients for a complex, unexpected and intriguing ready-to-drink alcohlic tea. 

Every flavour is chosen because of how well it works as part of the whole. Some are floral, some sweet, others are smoky. There’s lemongrass, and honey, and mango. Cardamom, ginger, apple, mint, and a whole lot more. Blended correctly, they work together to create a completely novel taste experience – something that hits all your favourite tea flavours, but in a new and exciting way.

Take your taste buds on an adventure. Think of each sip like you’re climbing Everest in your favourite slippers, or jumping out of a plane wearing that hoodie you love so much – familiar, comforting, and completely and utterly exhilarating!

From the spice markets of Morocco to the rolling waves of South China Seas, our alcoholic teas evoke foreign climes and cultures… we’ve taken the world’s favourite flavour and turned it into something completely new.

NOVELTEA: It’s definitely tea, but not as you know it!

Think you know better?  

Reckon you know your tea so well that there’s nothing left to surprise you?

Try one of our sample collections – they include each of our 3 Tales, and are the perfect way to discover that there’s still plenty out there to thrill you and your tea-loving taste buds. 

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