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Point of Sale Material

We can provide at your request and within available resources the following Point of Sale material:

  • Branded Wooden Tea Crates filled with loose leaf tea.

#NOVELTIP: you can enhance your customer’s shopping experience by stimulating all their senses. This means that, alongside the visual appeal of our designs, the loose leaf tea in our crates also stimulate the sense of smell.

  • ‘Alcoholic Tea’ Wooden Signs.
  • Upcycled NOVELTEA bottles filled with the loose leaf tea that creates the base for the respective Tale.
  • Branded flyers with serving recommendations.

Sampling Sessions and Masterclasses

We stand behind experiential drinking. We consider that customers enjoy innovative and quality drinks. However, we’re also aware that most customers and guests would rather try something before committing to buying a bottle or a glass. That’s why we offer sampling sessions that will help kickstart the NOVELTEA craze in your area.

Please note that we don’t have a general offer. Every sampling session is tailored to your business’ situation, and up to availability

If your venue is dedicated to offering a different kind of experience, then you would probably be interested in our Alcoholic Tea Pairing Masterclasses. Our CPO (Chief Pairing Officer) will be leading all the sessions and will present in detail the flavour profile of NOVELTEA and offer pairing suggestions.

For more information, contact Caroline Conroy ([email protected])

Staff Training

Answering questions such as ‘Where does it come from?’, ‘When and how do I drink it?’ and ‘What can I pair it with?’ are becoming an increasingly bigger part of the sales process.

We’re offering training that will help your staff navigate and resolve any product-based questions that their clients and customers may have.

Although centred around  NOVELTEA as a product, the insights gained can be transferred to a wide range of alcoholic drinks.

For more information, contact Caroline Conroy ([email protected])

Pop-Up Bars

No matter the occasion, be it a grand event or a private party, we can offer a pop-up bar service that will excite every guest. Serve it by the cup or in tumblers, hot or cold, NOVELTEA will surely add a memorable twist to your evening. A consistent part of our pop-up bar service is the peculiar profile of the staff, dressed in British Tweeds, serving next to a bar made from real tea chests.