Christmas Gift? It’s All About Getting in the Spirit

Still stressed with finding the perfect gift? Now the shops are all full of cute things crafted especially for Christmas. ‘The perfect Christmas Gift’ some say, ‘once in a lifetime’ yeah, sure. That lifetime lasts until next Christmas when the same concept slightly tweaked hits the shelves. Bummer. We almost got a panic attack just by seeing all the goodies. So many choices…😞

But what if you could try something proper new and wrapped nicely for Christmas? What if there is something you can’t find on any blog or gift ideas list because it’s so novel? You can take a deep breath and relax. We’ve got just the right thing for you.

*Wait for it*

Tea with Spirit wrapped up nicely in a festive box

During our tasting sessions, people keep telling us what an amazing gift NOVELTEA is. We thought we could help with shopping this Christmas and created the ultimate gift. What’s the recipe? Take two small bottles of your favourite alcoholic tea blends, add them in a collectable white box and seal it for posterity.

What’s in the box?

Glad you asked!

The box contains two NOVELTEA 25cl bottles, The Tale of Tangier and The Tale of Earl Grey, both offering unique tasting experiences. The product is cold brewed and can be consumed hot as a normal tea or with ice, always with spirit, never boring. You can check our article for more info about the health benefits of cold brew tea. In addition, you can up your festive game with the Master Muller serving technique.

I want one

Of course, you do! Although you can find NOVELTEA in stores such as John Lewis, The Whiskey Exchange, Master of Malt, Fenwick and many other local stores, due to high demand we made the product exclusive for certain stores. Check the closest one to you and get your novel Christmas Gift.

Right now, we’re selling the NOVELTEA Christmas Gift Boxes in Fenwick Newcastle, Fenwick Bracknell, Fenwick Colchester, the Durham Ginstitute and The Cross Lanes Organic Farm. To avoid disappointment pop in store soon to secure your Christmas NOVEL Gift.


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