What`s a Cold Brew?

I`m sure that you`re familiar with different types of cold brew. Chances are that you probably had a nice Starbucks mug when you were at the mall with your bestie. You probably also did it by yourself. Remember that hot day of summer when you mixed some tea and water and just left it in the fridge? Congratulations, you`re a casual cold brewer!
Okay so, you tried cold brew beverages, you probably like them, but are they healthy?
That`s what we`re going to talk about today.

Is tea healthy?

If you`re into tea as much as we are, you`re probably aware that it`s healthy, probably the healthiest thing you can drink. Green tea, for example, makes your body stronger against diseases, enhances brain activity and also helps when losing weight as it increases fat burning. For a full list of the health benefits of green tea, you can check this article. For a review of relevant studies on the benefits of green tea, check the NHS dedicated article. Britain`s favourite blend, the Earl Grey, also has numerous advantages, such as fighting teeth decay, improving digestion and yet again, weight loss, you can look all advantages up here. Generally, we recommend drinking around three cups per day.

Health benefits of Cold Brew Tea

However, did you ever think of the potential added benefits of cold brewing to this healthy drink? You should, they`re quite something! Apart from a smoother tasting experience, it also reduces the stronger tastes that come with boiling and enhances its natural sweetness. So, if you want to cut down sugar, you should shift to cold brews. In addition to the superior taste, cold brewed tea has multiple health benefits. For example, this process increases the levels of polyphenols and vitamin C, which strengthen your body’s immune system.

Ok, take my money, gimme some!

You can try and cold brew some tea by yourself at home as it is quite easy, it just takes a lot of time. However, we recommend the NOVELTEA experience. Now that you`re familiar with the benefits of a good cold brew, what if I told you that you can be both healthy and tipsy? NOVELTEA is a carefully crafted blend of tea with alcohol which maintains all the natural proprieties of the tea whilst adding a bold twist. Before you ask, it`s made from highest loose leaves (the good stuff, we`re not playing!). Of course, always drink in accordance to the industry regulations, doc knows what`s best!
Are you still here? Great, it means you`re interested. What`s not to like in mixing Britain’s` two favourite drinks, right?
Speaking of drinks, are you into Gin? Then you should try The Tale of Earl Grey. More of a sweet tooth? How about Rum with Green Mint Tea? Sounds good, right? Check The Tale of Tangier.

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