You may think it’s just the 13th of March, but it’s a really special day here at Noveltea. March 13th is the Earl Grey’s 254th birthday! What better way to celebrate than with a few interesting facts about the man himself? Pour yourself a cup of tea (alcoholic or not), sit back, and let us tell you the tale of Earl Charles Grey.

Born to a well-established Northumbrian family in 1764, Charles Grey grew to be a well-educated young man, attending Eton College, then Trintiy College, Cambridge. Rich, educated and oh-so British… we suppose that basically makes him the Eddie Redmayne of his day.

Quite the high-flyer, Grey was elected into Parliament for the Northumbrian Constituency at the age of just 22 and quickly became a major leader in the Whig Party. In 1807, he succeeded his father’s title to become the second Earl Grey, and was in charge of the Whig Party. After some years in opposition, at one point stepping down, then back up to leadership, Grey became Prime Minister of the UK in 1830.

Our Northumbrian lad ran the country for around four years, in which time his Government saw the abolition of slavery in Britain! By this point, Grey also had 16 children (yes, really) to his deceased wife, Mary Elizabeth Ponsonby, and one illegitimate daughter to Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire. Busy guy.

When Grey retired from politics he went back to his Northumbrian home, Howick Hall. He spent most of his time with his family, his dogs and his books until he sadly passed away in July 1845. It is reported that Grey received a gift of tea flavoured with bergamot oil during his time in Parliament. This is the tea blend now known as Earl Grey Tea.

Inspired by Charles Grey’s life story, we created the perfect alcoholic tea, The Tale of Earl Grey, using a blend of Earl Grey Tea and British gin. Perfect on the rocks, hot in a tea cup, or as part of a gin cocktail, this very British blend is the perfect commemoration of the man himself.

So join us in celebrating Earl Charles Grey’s 254th Birthday and raise a teacup to the extraordinary life of the second Earl Grey!

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