GIN and TEA Cocktails

There’s a rising trend within the London luxury-bar setting: Alcoholic Tea Cocktails. You can read more about the rising trend of alcoholic tea and tea-based cocktails here. The Aqua Shard is a prime example of integrating teas in cocktails. We’re crafting alcoholic tea experiences, that’s why we created delicious gin and tea cocktails for you to enjoy.

Why not break the ice and fill some glasses, we’ve got some tea cocktails to make. We’re starting with gin as it’s Britain’s favourite spirit.


The GRAND EARL TEA is a cocktail made with The Tale of Earl Grey Alcoholic Tea, British Gin, Grand Marnier, Lime Juice and Soda to Top

Are you a genuine gin lover? If you are, the chances are that you would rather have something on the bitter side. The GRAND EARL TEA cocktail capitalises on the bitter notes of The Tale of Earl Grey and enhances the flavour by blending it with Grand Mariner and Raspberry Infused Bourbon. The result is a drink that stands out through a vintage taste, long craved for by true gin drinkers.


The Earl Grey Rose was designed for the hard-workers that like to reward themselves with something a little bit bubbly. By mixing The Tale of Earl Grey with Prosecco, the Earl Grey Rose boasts a sparkling personality that can lighten up even the hardest of days. The rose syrup and lemon juice complement the flavour by adding a sour-sweet fruity aroma that pairs wonderfully with the earthy hints of the gin and the botanical aroma of the tea.

The EARL GREY ROSE is a cocktail made from The Tale of Earl Grey Alcoholic Tea, British Gin, Rose Syrup and Prosecco


The G&T THYME is a Cocktail Made with The Tale of Earl Grey Alcoholic Tea, Extra Gin, Lemon Juice and Thyme Syrup

It’s tea time! No… It’s Gin’O’Clock! No… Wait, why not both? Presenting the G&TEA THYME, for those who want something stronger with their cuppa.

This one is for the (a little more than) casual drinkers out there, the life and soul of the party. For those would never refuse a cup of NOVELTEA and a chat with friends, we’re offering a strong and bold cocktail that combines the unique taste of The Tale of Earl Grey with Thyme Syrup and Lemon Juice. Throw some extra gin and egg white into the mix to create a signature tea cocktail.

Not a gin lover? We’re not judging. You can also check out our RUM and TEA Cocktails.

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