Is there a proper way to serve?

There is no secret that tea is popular. It’s the second most consumed drink after water and has deep historical roots in most cultures around the globe. Furthermore, as we all know, the British crowned it as their favourite drink. Given this popularity, there’s no surprise that every culture created unique rituals around its consumption. Here in the UK, we like to serve our tea in the afternoon with some small sandwiches, pastry, and scones. The consumption of afternoon tea has been raised to a ritual held in shiny worship places such as The Ritz or Fortnum & Mason. These luxury places pride themselves on delivering the genuine afternoon tea experience.

Given the importance of the ritual in tea consumption, there’s little surprise that we get a lot of emails from our followers regarding serving. More specifically, how to serve the peculiar alcoholic tea. Provided that we created something truly novel, we understand the struggle. That’s why we made this post detailing how you should serve NOVELTEA.

Personal preferences and versatility

There are numerous ways to serve NOVELTEA due to its versatility. Different techniques will deliver unique tastes, so you may want to continue reading this article if you’re interested in some serving #NOVELTIPS.

Take it cold

Do you like Ice Tea? Is it only me or that stuff generally doesn’t taste like tea? It feels rather, right? But that`s the point of it, you might think. Well, no, it should taste exactly like a cup of your favourite tea. No excuses! NOVELTEA delivers exactly that, a tea that is as tasty cold as it is hot. Here’s how to make a perfect glass of chilled tea with spirit.

  • The Posh Peter technique: Serve it on rocks by adding some ice cubes, a nice tumbler, and 125ml of your favourite Tale. The blend delivers a smoother taste and a more powerful kick, without leaving any bitterness or tannin.

#NOVELTIP top up The Tale of Earl Grey with a slice of 🍊orange and add some 🌿fresh mint leaves to The Tale of Tangier.

  • The Quickie Micky technique Leave the bottle in the fridge for a few hours before consuming, pour 125cl in short glass and enjoy!

#NOVELTIP don’t use crushed ice, legend says that one of the co-founders hiccups whenever that happens.

In the mood for a hot drink?

You know that lazy winter day when you lay in your favourite chair. Just staying there, in front of the fireplace reading a good book. And you’re right! that occasion needs a hot cup of tea. We thought about that, that’s why we’re offering three techniques for warming up NOVELTEA. Oh, did we mention that warming up slightly changes the flavour of the Tales? You might want to try it this winter.

We`ve got three techniques for you, depending on how fancy you like your tea.

  • The Master Muller technique: Pour the alcoholic tea into a pot, heat it up for five to ten minutes at around 40 degrees. We’d recommend heating up one small bottle for two people (125ml each) and the big one if you have friends coming over.

#NOVELTIP add some dried orange slices or peels and just a tad of cinnamon. The dried orange slices give the tea an intense taste whilst the cinnamon delivers a Christmas like taste. Exactly what you need to get into the Holiday Spirit!

  • The Highschool Hottie technique: Just as the Muller but replace the dried orange bits and the cinnamon with a fresh slice of orange.

Ideally consumed when you don’t want to be in Holiday mood.

  • The Lazy Britney technique: Pour some NOVELTEA in a cup or mug, put it in the microwave and hit the 1-minute timer.

Wrapping up

As we’ve already said at the beginning, we personally prefer doing it the Posh Peter way. That’s mostly because of the nice visual of the tumbler and the balanced taste the ice offers. Nonetheless, everybody has its own cuppa and we’ve been told by our NOVELTEA Community that heating it offers a different tasting experience. So it is definitely worth checking it out.

We’re constantly experimenting with different products? That can offer new tasting experiences. We’ll keep you updated through our social media and newsletter. Feel free to experiment with NOVELTEA and share us your experiences.

#NOVELTIP: add a slice of orange in The Earl to enhance the taste of the bergamot oil

#NOVELTIP: add dried orange bits and cinnamon to get into the Holiday Spirit.

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