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How I met my tea

Back in 2015, whilst studying abroad and having the best time of my life in Singapore, I received a bag of Christmas tea from my parents in Germany, and decided to mix it with Cognac Brandy. And there it was: my first time meeting an Alcoholic Tea Blend.

At the first sip, I thought, ‘This is quite good, and definitely different.’ My Indian friends and I were absolutely amazed by the zesty taste of our drinks, and by the enchanting tasting experience. Busy with assignments, exams and deadlines, I soon forgot about the magic recipe. Little did I know that this experiment would forever change my life.

In a few months after leaving Singapore, I have moved to Newcastle upon Tyne to pursue my Master’s degree, but I still had no clue that alcoholic tea was going to become a ‘thing’ in my life.

I met Vincent at a football match at St. James’s Park, where we immediately started a conversation, and soon he invited me to be part of his focus group for testing his product ideas for alcoholic tea blends. Ever since, we kept talking about alcoholic teas, different flavour profiles, and turning this great business opportunity into a reality.

Soon after we started our research, we realised that the U.K. would be the best place to start our business. In recent years, the alcoholic beverage industry faced many innovations, from craft IPA’s to flavoured gins, but it was lacking a true radically innovative product! This is where our blend came into the picture. We combined two favourite British drinks, but also brought a brand new product category in the alcoholic beverage industry.

And that is how met my NOVELTEA.

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