Green Mint Tea with Rum – The Tale of Tangier, 70cl


NOVELTEA delivers a unique blend of Moroccan green mint tea with rum, revealing the magnificent beauty of the Orient. Hints of exotic fruit and floral citrus notes unleash a soft yet satisfying sweetness.

Discover the distinctive and exciting taste of true Moroccan generosity!

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The Tale of Tangier is a premium blend of Green Mint Tea with Rum. The alcoholic tea delivers exotic fruit and floral citrus notes which reproduce the unique experience of the Moroccan Tea. The adventurous allure of the Rum balances the calm feeling induced by the sweet Moroccan Mint. Strongly influenced by pirate culture, the Caribbean White Rum inspires travels and adventure, a perfect fit for the mint tea.


NOVELTEA is truly versatile, as it can be consumed cold over ice or warmed up. It is a natural fit for a perfect afternoon tea, social occasions or a relaxing evening home.

Brewing Process

We cold-brew The Tale of Earl Grey and The Tale of Tangier for up to 8 hours using highest loose tea. Cold brewing generates its smooth taste and enhances the tea flavours, without causing some of the bitter notes that can often be associated with tea. Cold brewing also produces lower levels of caffeine by extracting more antioxidants than hot-brewed processes.


If you prefer a more bitter taste check The Tale of Earl Grey, an infusion of Earl Grey Tea and British Gin, which preserves the original flavor of  Great Britain.

General information

Alcohol volume: 11%

Volume: 70cl

Alcohol type: Rum

Contains nuts: NO

Country of Origin: UK

Gluten Free: YES

Suitable for vegans: YES

Suitable for vegetarians: YES

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