There’s a rising trend within the London luxury-bar setting: Alcoholic Tea Cocktails. You can read more about the rising trend of alcoholic tea and tea-based cocktails here. The Aqua Shard is a prime example of integrating teas in cocktails. We’re crafting alcoholic tea experiences, that’s why we’ve created delicious rum and tea cocktails for you to enjoy.

Why not break the ice and fill some glasses, we’ve got some rum and tea cocktails to make.

For those with a REAL RUM PASSION

Our Tale of Tangier is the star of the show in this cocktail, combined with some more spiced rum, orange juice and lime juice, and some crushed ice. PASSION FOR TEA is the go-to drink for those who prefer a lighter cocktail, which is both flavourful and tasty. You can even garnish this little tipple with half a passion fruit or a mint sprig depending on how fancy you’re feeling. This is the perfect mix for a shared drinking experience with friends and family.


If you like spending your time savouring a cocktail rather than making it, then the VICTORIAN TEA is for you. Cocktails don’t have to be complicated, it’s all about the spirit. We recommend combining The Tale of Tangier with some extra Kraken Rum, Lime Juice, and Victorian Lemonade. Cardamon Syrup is a nice addition, but not mandatory. This tea cocktail delivers a distinctive and smooth citrus flavour with a strong rum kick.


How do you give the classic American Martini a British twist? You add tea of course! Well… NOVELTEA. We’re mixing up this traditional cocktail using The Tale of Tangier alcoholic tea. Mix it with Muddle Apple and Cucumber, oh, and a shot of Prosecco of course.  A taste of the Roaring Twenties with a NOVELTEA twist!

If you want to try tea cocktails but you’re not into rum, we’re not judging. You can check out our Tale of Earl Grey cocktails, where we experimented with making signature cocktails to compliment our gin blend of alcoholic tea.

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