The Perfect Serve

Enjoying your NOVELTEA Cold

Drunk cold, NOVELTEA takes its rightful place amongst the gins and tonics, white wines and mojitos of the world.  Strangely familiar yet utterly different, a glass of NOVELTEA over ice will take tea (and spirit) lovers’ taste-buds on a culinary adventure:

1)    Throw 3 or 4 ice-cubes into your favourite tumbler
2)    Add any one of NOVELTEA’s fantastic Tales
3)    Top off with one of our recommended garnishes (or experiment with your own)
4)    Enjoy!

Enjoying your NOVELTEA Warm

Warm alcohol is usually the preserve of hot toddies and mulled wine, but you only need to try warm NOVELTEA once to see a whole new world open up in front of you!

Whether it’s a dark winter’s evening in front of the fire, a brisk walk with the dog in the rain, or just a Tuesday morning, warm NOVELTEA is an experience you won’t forget:

1)    Gently warm your NOVELTEA in a saucepan or microwave
2)    Transfer it to your finest porcelain tea cup
3)    Top off with one of our recommended garnishes, or experiment with your own.
4)    Enjoy!

Most people find that heating NOVELTEA releases an entirely different flavour profile – just make sure you don’t get it too hot… you don’t want to lose too much of the alcohol!