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Project Description


A passionate green tea cocktail with lots of rum,  passionfruit, lemon and orange Juice


75ml The Tale of Tangier (NOVELTEA)
25ml Spiced Rum (35% abv.)
10ml Orange Juice
20ml Lime Juice
1 Passionfruit


1) Get a Tea Cup or a Tumbler
2) Scrape Passionfruit Flesh into a Shaker
3) Add all Ingredients to Shaker
4) Shake & Double Strain into Glass
5) Top with Soda
6) Garnish with Half Passion Fruit or Mint Sprig

Designed by

Lauren McKirdy

Made with The Tale of Tangier
A green tea cocktail that mixes strong rum with passion fruit, orange and lime juice, served in a transparent cup over crushed ice.