Perfect festive pairings to take your taste buds on a culinary journey!

As you brave the stores and supermarkets to pick up those last few Easter essentials, why not accompany familiar flavours with something a bit more interesting than just another glass of wine or cup of tea?

NOVELTEA’s unique blend of cold-brewed tea, specially-selected botanicals and carefully-chosen spirits offers an entirely new epicurean experience – plus, let’s face it: it’s tea and booze… what’s not to love?!

If you’re having lamb

The most traditional of Easter meats, lamb is delicious – it’s deep, rich and absolutely packed with flavour.  Once you’ve added in all the trimmings, you’re in for a complex, satisfying dining experience.

But when there’s already so much happening on your plate, choosing something other than red wine can seem more hassle than it’s worth.

The key is to keep things simple.  Anything with too much going on will start to compete with the lamb, resulting in a muddled, overwhelming taste experience.

Instead, choose something straight-forward yet punchy (anything toooooo light won’t stand up to the hearty richness of roast lamb).

The Tale of Earl Grey works perfectly – served straight-out-of-the-bottle, the cold-brewed Earl Grey tea delivers a robust yet fragrant flavour, whilst the British Gin, using its botanical extracts to complement and enhance its flavours, ensures the spotlight stays firmly on your lamb.

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If you’re having fish

Another staple of the Easter weekend, fish delivers delicate texture and a beautiful, subtle flavour.  Like the lamb, you need a drink that perfectly complements your star attraction without stealing the spotlight – but unlike with a plate full of roast meat and veg (all doused in gravy we hope!), the simplicity of the fish gives you an opportunity to experiment with a more complex cocktail pairing.

Whilst the Green Tea used in The Tale of Tangier offers just the right earthy palette, you have to be careful to not to let the sweet Moroccan mint overpower the delicate fish – which is where our custom-created Victorian Tea cocktail comes into its own!

Victorian Tea builds on The Tale of Tangier, using cardamom syrup and lime juice to cut through some of its natural minty sweetness.

With a splash of extra rum, and topped off with classic Victorian Lemonade, Victorian Tea is the perfect accompaniment to your Easter fish dish!

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50ml The Tale of Tangier (NOVELTEA)
25ml Kraken Rum
20ml Cardamom Syrup
20ml Lime Juice
30ml Victorian Lemonade


1) Get a Highball Glass
2) Shake First Four Ingredients in Shaker
3) Single Strain into Ice-Filled Glass
4) Top with Victorian Lemonade
5) Garnish with Lime Wheel & Mint Sprig

When (not if) you’re having chocolate

When chocolate is the star of the show, whatever you pair it with is going to be stunning!

Having said that, dark chocolate in particular goes incredibly well with The Tale of Earl Grey.  Their similarly complex, bitter flavours each help to reinforce what makes the other so delicious, whilst the British Gin adds extra depth to the chocolate’s natural aromas.

If you’re a fan of spiced chocolate, try pairing it with The Tale of Oolong.  Anything spicy is a perfect match for the deep flavour of the cold-brewed Oolong leaves and the smokiness of its Scotch Whisky.

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Bonus: to go with your hot-cross bun!

Everyone loves a hot-cross bun, and a large proportion of those eaten by Brits every year are almost certainly washed down with a nice mug of tea.

Equally delicious when served warm, NOVELTEA’s range of alcoholic teas are a perfect festive substitute for your more traditional cuppa.

Oolong Tea is famous for pairing perfectly with fruity desserts, with the humble hot-cross bun being no exception.  Gently heating The Tale of Oolong (on a hob or in the microwave) doesn’t just tone down the Scotch Whiskey notes, leaving a satisfyingly smooth aftertaste…  it also opens up a whole new world of tea-drinking experiences!

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