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Celebrate life!

With NOVELTEA, the unique combination of finest tea and premium spirits.

Tea. Spirit. Experience. NOVELTEA.

Tea. Spirit. Experience.

Creating matchless blends of first-class botanicals and premium British spirits, our offerings break the mold of common tea drinks. Finest exotic ingredients tell fascinating stories from all over the world.

Enjoy a journey full of discoveries and surprises.

Experience by design

About NovelTea

Bringing home the exciting flavours of the world, is what we aim for. Our vision is characterised by the pursuit of highest quality standards and continuous innovation processes. Our products tell stories about the most magical places on earth. At NOVELTEA we bring people together by drawing cultural bridges around the concept of tea and spirits. Come and join us.

The Tale of
Earl Grey

Many years ago breathtaking tea races shaped not only the life of Sir Charles Grey, but also the whole British tea culture of today.

Immerse yourself in the fabulous history of the most famous tea of all!


The Tale of

Scents of sun-dried herbs and ceremonial pouring from silver teapots make the city of Tangier a place of living tea culture.

Discover the distinctive and exciting taste of true Moroccan generosity!


The Tale of
Earl Grey

Tea & Gin Composition

Upon its return from Asia, a ship of British merchants became trapped in a violent storm. Down in the hull, chests of black tea leaves crashed into oak casks filled with the finest Sicilian bergamot oil. Enchanted by the zesty twist, and believing in this novel tea blend, Sir Charles Grey transformed British tea culture – offering us a gift from days long gone.

NOVELTEA celebrates Earl Grey tea, blended with its stronger cousin British gin. Through a unique infusion of hand-selected botanicals, The Tale of Earl Grey is smooth, distinctive, and rich in its flavours.

The Tale of

Tea & Rum Composition

Guided by the position of the blistering sun, Arabian merchants tirelessly trailed through the endless dunes of the Sahara. With the finest green tea on their camels’ backs, the convoy finally reached Tangier and was welcomed by locals with aromatic mint leaves – an expression of true Moroccan generosity.

NOVELTEA delivers a unique blend of Moroccan green mint tea with spiced rum, revealing the magnificent beauty of the Orient. Hints of exotic fruit and floral citrus notes unleash a soft yet satisfying sweetness.

Hot / Cold

NOVELTEA is served by the glass or in a teacup, ice cold or hot.
Best enjoyed in good company.

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Exclusively available at Fenwick, Newcastle upon Tyne, in April 2017

Fenwick, Newcastle upon Tyne