OUR JOURNEY – tea with spirit

Fascinated by different places – their cultures, traditions, and tastes – we were drawn to the Brits’ passion for tea and alcohol. Yet nowhere were the two fused together. A wrong we felt compelled to right.

Our spirit for adventure is just the tip of the ice cube.

Wonderfully satisfying and completely unique, NOVELTEA takes the best tea and botanicals from around the world to produce the finest blends imaginable. It’s traditional tea with a twist. Prost!

Founders Passia and Efferoth offering a toast of tea with spirit at the NOVELTEA official launch in Fenwick

Tea. With. Spirit.

Customers trying alcoholic tea at the launch event.

NOVELTEA sends your taste buds travelling to fascinating places around the world celebrating their unique tea blends and flavours.

Using the highest quality loose leaf tea, cold-brewed to extract the full flavour and to deliver a superior taste it is complemented with the matching spirit. Our ‘Tales’ are exceptional in flavour and guarantee a tasting experience like no other. Every sip is a sensation.

The Tale of
Earl Grey

Earl Grey Tea with Gin

Many years ago breathtaking tea races shaped not only the life of Sir Charles Grey, but also the whole British tea culture of today.

NOVELTEA celebrates Earl Grey tea, blended with its stronger cousin, British gin. Through a unique infusion of hand-selected botanicals, The Tale of Earl Grey is smooth, distinctive, and rich in its flavours.

Immerse yourself in the fabulous history of the most famous tea of all!

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The Tale of Earl Grey 70cl Bottle - Earl Grey Tea with Gin
The Tale of Tangier 70cl Bottle - Green Mint Tea with Rum

The Tale of

Green Mint Tea with Rum

Scents of sun-dried herbs and ceremonial pouring from silver teapots make the city of Tangier a place of living tea culture.

NOVELTEA delivers a unique blend of Moroccan green mint tea with rum, revealing the magnificent spirit of the Orient. Hints of exotic fruit and floral citrus notes unleash a soft yet satisfying sweetness.

Discover the distinctive and exciting taste of true Moroccan generosity!

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The Tale of

Oolong Tea with Whisky

Searching for the finest tea, Chinese farmers stumbled upon a mysterious mountain. Whilst filing their tea baskets, they were petrified by a Black Dragon called Oolong. Under his fiery breath, what was once green tea, darkened and released a strong aroma.

NOVELTEA blends together Oolong Tea, Jasmine flowers, red rose petals, papaya and mango flakes into a floral mix enriched with Scotch Whisky.

Experience the mystical tea that inspired the Chinese culture for millennia!

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The Tale of Earl Grey 70cl Bottle - Earl Grey Tea with Gin


Hot / Cold

NOVELTEA is served by the glass or in a teacup, ice cold or hot, but always, always with spirit.
Best enjoyed in good company.

Enjoy cold on ice…

or hot as classic tea

Feel free to


Experience by design

About NovelTea

Bringing home the exciting flavours of the world, is what we aim for. Our vision is characterised by the pursuit of highest quality standards and continuous innovation processes. Our products tell stories about the most magical places on earth. At NOVELTEA we bring people together by drawing cultural bridges around the concept of tea and spirits. Come and join us.

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